CCTV (closed-circuit television) refers to television, the image transmission system within the monitored premises. It is a closed system that gives a possibility to monitor potentially disturbing behavior within the protected zone. The signal is available only to a specific person (owner of the property, building security guard, etc). Such systems nowadays we meet on a daily basis in supermarkets, businesses, on the streets - everywhere. There are no contraindications to mount surveillance in confined spaces and open outdoor wall, where the temperature drops below zero. Currently available equipment allows you to configure a system that will work in all weather conditions, both day and night. An important group of customers are also people, who often assemble monitoring systems in their homes. Combined with appropriate alarm systems, allow the owner go on holiday and do not worry about his/her property. We provide brands such as: CNB, DIGIMERGE, DIGITAL ID VIEW, DIGITAL WATCHDOG, EVERFOCUS, HIKVISION, SAMSUNG, SPECO TECHNOLOGIES, etc.